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Create A Patient

Add Patient Button

To create a new patient, click the Add patient button. Enter the patient information. There are several required fields. These will have a red border around them if they have not been filled out.

Main Patient Screen

Required Fields

  • Patient First Name
  • Patient Id
  • Weight
  • Owner Last Name.

Weight is not required if the Species selected is Bovine, Camalid, Caprine, Equine, Ovine, or Porcine.


Species cannot be changed after a patient is created.

Date Of Birth can be entered in two ways, by selecting the date in the calendar or by entering the age in Years and Months Combo Boxes.

After all the required fields have been entered, the Save and Next buttons will be active.

The Save button will save the patient to the Database and clear the Add Patient Form, allowing the user to add another patient.

The Next Button will save the patient, create a new study and take the user to the Create Shot List Screen.


SmartDR Premier requires each patient to have a unique Patient ID. If you see this notification:

That patient ID is already in use. Please enter another.

It means that the Patient ID has already been used for another patient. More than likely the patient you are trying to create already exists in the system. Try searching the local system by Patient ID. You may need to widen the date range of the search in order to find it.

The X button in the top right of the Add Patient Form will close the screen and no data will be saved.

Add Patient Configuration

A Species is automatically selected for you. If you would like a different species selected automatically, this can be configured in the Settings Screen in the Configuration Sections Intermediate Options Tab.

The default units for weight can be set in the Settings Screen int the Configurations Sections Intermediate Options Tab. You can select kgs or lbs.

By default the Tab key will cycle between all the fields in the Add Patient Form. This can be configured to only cycle through the Required Fields in the Settings Screen on the Configuration Section's Basic Options Tab.

SmartDR Premier can be configured to automatically generate a Patient Id. When this option is set to True, a Patient Id Prefix can be set. This will prepend each automatically generated Patient Id with a user defined prefix. This Setting can be found in the Settings Screen on the Configuration Section's Intermediate Options Tab.

If no Patient Last Name is provided, the Patient Last Name will be set to the Owner Last name. This can be changed in the Settings Screen in the Configurations Section's Intermediate Options tab.

An Accession Number field can be added to the Add/Edit Patient Screens. This can be configured in the Settings Screen in the Configuration Section's Advanced Options Tab.