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Re-scanning prior to submission

If an image needs to be rejected (poor image quality, slide scanned on the wrong side, etc), a new scan can be completed prior to submission.

In the example below, there are no clearly discernible cells and the entire slide is hazy due to being scanned on the wrong side

Wrong Slide

Once NDP View is closed, the slide can be excluded by clicking on the green check mark to change it to a red X. This slide will not be submitted.



To re-scan this slide on the correct side, a new label will need to be printed for the opposite side of the slide. Click the sandwich menu in the upper left corner.


Select Re-print Labels


Enter the accession number and click Search.

Reprint Dialog

Choose the slide label to reprint and select Print. A re-scan label with RS designation will print.

Reprint DialogReprinted Label

Label the slide on the opposite/appropriate side. Re-load the slide on the correct side and scan.

Once the new slide has completed scanning, it will show a green check-mark. The rejected/excluded scan will show a red X.

Re-Scanned slide

Once Submit Slides is selected, it will display only the slide with the check-mark as the successful submission.

After Submit