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Choosing best slides for submission

A maximum of 2 slides per source can be submitted in the digital cytology scanner. Taking the time to choose the best slides will decrease the likelihood of a re-scan.

Assess for cellularity

Choose slides with the most cellular material that is adequately spread.

  • Highly cellular slides where material is adequately spread

    Highly Cellular and nicely
  • Slides of lower cellularity, but material is still nicely spread

    Low Cellular but nicely spread
  • Areas of cellularity were not properly spread on these slides, resulting in highly condensed, think areas that cause difficulty in assessing cellular morphology.

    Poor spreadingPoor spreading
  • When slides contain large amounts of blood, look for aggregate areas of dark blue or purple to help ensure adequate cellularity

    Large Aggregate areas

Assess for stain quality

Ensure slides are not under-stained and are not exposed to formalin fumes.

  • Under-stained slide

    Large Aggregate areasLarge Aggregate areas
  • Formalin fumes result in fixation of the cells and atypical staining quality

    Large Aggregate areas