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Urine sediment preparation

Materials needed

  • Glass microscope slides
  • Transfer pipette
  • Centrifuge tube
  • Centrifuge

Slide preparation

  • Centrifuge a portion of collected urine in centrifuge tube
  • After centrifugation, a pellet of material will be visible in the bottom of the tube (see Fluid slide sediment preparation)
  • Remove most of the supernatant with a pipette and discard. Gently remix the concentrated button in the bottom of the tube with the remaining supernatant.
  • Place a drop of urine sediment onto a clean glass slide near the frosted edge of the slide.
  • Place a second spreader slide perpendicularly on top of the drop of sediment, allowing the fluid to spread across the slide, and then gently push the spreader slide away to evenly spread the material without putting any downward pressure on the spreader slide. Avoid spreading to the very end of the slide.
  • Allow the slide to dry completely (either air dry or with a fan).