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Accessing scanning application

Getting to the scanning screen

  • Immediately after placing an order and printing bar codes, a dialog box will give the option to begin scanning. Click Scan.

    Scan Dialog
  • If this dialog box is closed and the scan page needs to be accessed later, first click the Menu icon in the upper left corner of the main dashboard.

    Menu Icon
  • Click Scan.



  • The scan page will appear. If scan proceeds immediately after the order is placed, a reminder will appear stating how many slides were ordered and will be expected by the pathologist.


    Please Note

    Slides with immersion oil should NOT be places in the scanner as the oil could ruin the microscope objective.

  • Open the scanner door, place the slide in the slot with the label facing up and out, and close the door. The slide does not need to be pushed far into the scanner or forced in, but gently placed. Instructions for slide placement can be accessed by clicking the small question mark in the lower right corner of the screen

  • Click Load Slide

    Load Slide
  • Click OK

    Load Slide Dialog