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Version: doctorVet V2/Plus


TOBI - Phase-By-Phase Instruction

TOBI is a doctor’s best friend because he trains a user to treat while he/she is treating. Step-by-step advice is provided at each phase of every treatment.

After following TOBI’s advice for a couple weeks, your technician will know as much about effective treatment techniques as any practitioner in the world.

The user will have learned about the intricacies of treating pain and inflammatory conditions, acute and chronic presentations, and all types of wounds.

Consistency of treatment and efficacy will be higher than ever before once TOBI gets your whole staff on the same page.


TOBI - Even More Instruction

Beyond just intra-treatment advice, TOBI provides scope for the treatment regimen as a whole on the “i” information page.

For each type of protocol, TOBI gives advice on

  • Frequency of treatments,
  • Expectations at each stage of the treatment process, and
  • How to adjust treatments if the results vary from the expectations.

TOBI - What the industry has been missing

Clinical Protocols
  • 12 Watts of Power
  • 3 Therapeutic Wavelengths
    • 660nm, 810nm, 915nm
  • Efficiently coupled optics/attachments
  • Quiet cooling
  • Extended battery life

Lasers are not magic wands. A lot of engineering and clinical expertise go into producing every laser, and just shining light onto your patient produces some wonderful results. But any experienced laser therapist will tell you that there is a skill and art in technique with intricacies that normally takes months-to-years to learn.

Clinical Protocols
  • Accurate Dose Prescriptions
  • Mutli-phased protocols
  • Pulse frequencies for each tissue
    • CW + up to 25,000 Hz
  • Intuitive 3-step User Interface

TOBI teaches you every time you turn on the laser. Other laser manufacturers depend on an initial 1-2 day training, online support videos, and lots of trial-and-error for you to gradually become proficient. TOBI is an expert laser therapist who is by your side during every phase of every treatment constantly teaching you how to get the best results.

TOBI: What and Why