SmartPACS OrthoPlan® is a module built within the Cloud Viewer hosted through Antech Imaging Services. The Viewer is a multi-modality viewer, which allows for the display and manipulation of medical images using an Internet/web browser. The Viewer displays patient studies and other patient data but does not interpret or provide a diagnosis. The SmartPACS Viewer, when used on tablet devices, is not intended for primary diagnosis.

The application interface is designed to be simple and easy to understand. The application can be used from a desktop with a mouse interface or from a tablet with a touch interface. The application supports the same set of functionalities on both interfaces; however, the interface may differ slightly on a desktop compared to a tablet or a phone. For example, some of the commands on a touch interface are implemented with a multi-touch gesture rather than a button.

The AIS Cloud Viewer and the SmartPACS local Viewer utilize the same operations in most cases. For additional information on the local SmartPACS Viewer operations, see the SmartPACS Viewer help section located here.

OrthoPlan® tools#

SmartPACS OrthoPlan® is an additional module which provides orthopedic specific tools to users.

Prior to planning a user will need to Calibrate the image. Once the image is calibrated, the user may continue with performing a measurement, an advanced measurement, performing a cut, or applying a template.


Customizing SmartPACS OrthoPlan®#

Learn how to customize the toolbar and configure user preferences.

TPLO Planning Tutorial#

Learn how to use the TPLO Custom Measurement Tool and apply Templates.