Saving a Plan

There are two ways to save a plan using OrthoPlan® on AIS.

  • Save as an Annotation (editable layer on top of the DICOM image). Read more about Annotations here.
  • Save as a Secondary Capture (non-editable, new image added to the study on AIS).

Save as an annotation#

Save Annotations

To save Annotations and Display Settings, press the Save Annotations Button . This will display the Annotation Save Dialog.

Annotation Save Dialog

Enter in a name for the Saved State then press the OK button to Save the state. Pressing the Cancel button will dismiss the dialog and not save the state.

When the Annotation has been saved successfully, you will see a popup.

Annotation Saved

Save as a Secondary Capture#

Secondary Capture Tool

To Save the plan as a new image, use the Secondary Capture Button . This will leave the original image unchanged and will add a new image to AIS. The entire viewport display will be captured so the zoom should be considered prior to applying this tool.