Audit Log

Audit Log

SmartPACS automatically logs all user interactions and System events to the Audit Log. SmartPACS logs events into three categories (User, System, and Archive) at five levels (Info, Performance, Warning, Error, and None).

Search Options#

You can narrow down the list of events by adding in Filters in the Search Options. When you have entered in the Search options, press the Search button to execute the search.


From the drop-down menu, checked categories will be included in the search results.


This dop-down limits the minimum logging level.


Any log entry with this level or higher will be included in the search results. For example, by selecting Warning, Error and None level results will be included in the result, however, Info and Performance level results will not be included.

Date Range#

Each log item is timestamped. You can limit the search to a range by entering in the From Date and Time and the To Date and Time fields.


You can also search logs for events generated by a specific user.


you can search by a specific device IP address.


You can search by which action the system logged.

Additional Properties#

You can add additional properties to the search criteria. Pressing this button will open the Additional Properties menu.

Additional Properties

You can add additional property/value pairs to the search by pressing the add button and entering the property and the value. Press the Done button to close the editor. Pressing the cancel button will discard any changes you have made. Pressing the delete button will remove the property/value pair


To quickly add an additional property, open a log entry and click on the property you want to search by. This will add it to the Additional Properties. This can be used to find related log messages.

Log Entries#

Log entries are listed with Date, Table, Level and Protocol. You can sort these columns by pressing on the header. Only one header can be sorted at a time. By default, it is sorted by Date in descending order. You can select the number or results show per page at the bottom of the screen. To go to the next page, use the page navigation controls at the bottom of the screen.

Page Navigation

Each log entry can be expanded to view more detailed information. To expand an entry click on it.

Audit Log Detail