Main Menu Bar

Main Menu Bar

This is the Main Menu bar. The username of the user that is currently logged is displayed here. There are links to the Audit Log, Study List and Network Queue. You can logout by pressing the Logout link. You can also access the Help and Settings menus here.

Audit Log#

This will take you to the Audit Log.


This option is only available to the admin user.

Study List#

This will take you to the Study List.

Network Queue#

This will take you to the Network Queue.


Pressing Logout will logout of your current session and return you to the Login Screen.


Help Button

Pressing the Help button will show the Help Menu

Help Menu


This will bring you to the website you are currently reading.

Support Portal#

This will take you to the Sound Customer Support Help Portal.

Suggest a Feature#

This will take you to the SmartPACS UserVoice website where you can make suggestions on how to improve the software and see what features and improvements other users have suggested.


We develop this software for you the user. Without your feedback we could not continue to improve SmartPACS. We are always taking suggestions for new features and improvement we can make. If you have an idea, please, don't hesitate to let us know!


Settings Button

Pressing the Settings button will show the Settings Menu. From here you can open the System Setting, Viewer Settings or Change Passwords. You can also change the font size.

Settings Menu

System Settings#

This will open the System Setting page.


This option is only available to the admin user.

Viewer Settings#

This will open the Viewer Settings page.

Change Password#

This will open the Change Password page.

Change Password Page

Enter the old password. Enter the new password and retype the new password to confirm. Press the Submit button.


The admin user is able to change both the admin and local account passwords.

Font Size#

This will change the size of the font used in SmartPACS. You can choose Small, Medium, or Large from the drop-down.


SmartPACS Service Not Running

If this icon appears in the Menu Bar, it indicates the SmartPACS service either is not running or is not ready yet. This often can occur if the server was recently restarted. If this does not disappear within 5 minutes, please contact Technical Support.