Automatic Jobs

Automatic Forwarding Jobs

This is the list of Automatic Forwarding Jobs that have been initiated. Automatic Forwarding Jobs are created according to the Forwarding Rules of an External DICOM Node

Status by Destinations#

Status By Destinations

This display groups Jobs by Destination.


Each destination item has the DICOM demographics of the targeted DICOM node, and the progress of all the jobs targeting that DICOM node. You can see how many images are remaining to be send, how many have succeeded, how many warnings, and how many have failed.


Delete Transmission

Pressing the Delete button will delete the transmission. You can delete a transmission while it is in progress or after it has completed. Deleting an in progress transmission will stop the transmission to this DICOM node only.


Only the admin user can delete Automatic Forwarding Jobs.


Cancel Transmission

You can cancel all transmissions to a DICOM Node by pressing the Cancel button. This button is only visible when transmissions are in progress. This will only cancel the transmission to this DICOM Node.


Only the admin user can cancel Automatic Forwarding Jobs.


You can expand a Destination to view the status of the individual jobs assigned to this destination by pressing the + icon. You can continue to drill down. Jobs contain Patients, Patients contain Studies, Studies Contain Series, Series Contain Instances. You can delete or cancel individual transmissions at the Destination or Job levels.