Advanced Search

Advanced Search

By default the Advanced Search options are collapsed. Press the Show Advanced Search Options to expand the Advanced Search Options. Here you can include Owner Name, Species, Breed, Accession Number, Modality and Referring Physician in your query. In addition you can include deleted studies in your search.

Species and Breed#

Select a Species from the drop-down menu to filter results based on Species. You can select a breed from the drop-down menu or enter one in manually.


If no species is selected the Breed list will display all breeds. Selecting a Species will limit the Breed list to only ones that are of that species.


Select a Modality from this dropdown list. When searching by modality, results displayed will have at least one series matching the specified modality.

Show Deleted#

By checking this box, studies that have been previously deleted will be shown. Deleted patients and studies will have a black background.


This checkbox is ony available to admin users.