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Saved Queries

Saved Queries

You can save your queries to be used in all future sessions. After you have performed a search, click the Saved Queries field and enter a name for your query. If you would like to have this query be the default used, check the Default checkbox. Press the Create button to add the query to your saved queries.


Queries are only accessible by the user that created them. i.e. A query created by the admin user will not be available to the local user, and vice versa.

To Search using a Saved Query, select it from the dropdown menu and press the Search button.

Saved Queries Search

To Edit a saved query, select it from the dropdown menu. Make the changes you would like, and press the Update button. A popup will show, asking if your would like to overwrite the existing query. Press the Yes button to confirm your changes. Pressing the No button or the X in the top right corner will close the popup and not save your changes.

Update Saved Query

To Delete a Saved Query, select it from the dropdown menu. Press the Delete button.