Cut And Paste


This feature is limited to the admin user.

You are able to Cut and Paste studies between different patients. Studies, Series, and Images that have been Cut will be show in the Clipboard.


To move specific images or series, use the Cut feature in the Viewer.


The Cut button is disabled until one or more studies has been selected. Pressing the Cut button will add the currently selected studies to the Clipboard. After pressing the Cut button, the selected Studies will become shaded, the Cut button will be disabled, and the Clipboard button will become active. You can also Cut specific images or series from a Study in the Viewer, see more details here.

Cut Study


The Clipboard button will open the Clipboard side panel on the right side of the Study List Table. This panel shows all the items that have been Cut. At the top of the list you will see a count of the number of studies, series, and images that have been Cut. Each cut item will be represented in the list. Clicking on the Clear link will remove all the items from the Clipboard.


The Clear link is only active when there are items in the Clipboard.


Pressing the Paste button will open the drop-down menu. Here you can choose to paste the items in the Clipboard into a New Patient, a Selected Patient, or a Selected Study.

New Patient#

Selecting the New Patient patient option will open a dialog asking for the new Patient ID. Enter a new Patient ID and press the OK button to paste the items of the clipboard into the new patient. This will move the items in the clipboard into a new patient. Pressing the Cancel button or the X will close the dialog and not paste.

New Patient

Selected Patient#


For this option to be available, only a single patient must be selected.

Selecting the Selected Patient option will show a dialog box with a preview of the changes that will be made to the Studies DICOM Tags. To confirm the changes, press the OK button. Pressing the Cancel button or the X will close the dialog and not paste the items.

Selected Patient

You can also Create a New Patient by clicking the and add a Patient ID. This will create a new patient with the Patient ID you entered and add the study to the new patient.

Selected Study#


For this option to be available, only a single study must be selected.

To paste the Clipboard items into a selected Study, select the Selected Study option from the Paste drop-down menu. The image data will be merged into the selected study. This will update the image count and the Modality list.