General Settings Storage

DICOM files can be large and take up a lot of disk space. If SmartPACS runs out of disk space, it can no longer receive images. To help alleviate this problem, SmartPACS can automatically manage its disk space. You can enable this feature in the System Settings.

SmartPACS will notify you with a Warning when disk space exceeds a certain percentage. You can configure the percentage here.

If Automatic Deletion is disabled, SmartPACS will notify you with an Alarm when the Disk Space reaches a second, higher limit.

If Automatic Deletion is enabled, you can set the percentage of disk space at which the Automatic Deletion will begin, and at what percentage of disk space to stop.

Automatic Deletion Enabled

Both the Warning and Alarm will still occur even if Automatically delete studies to save disk space is not checked.


SmartPACS will be unable to process any images if the Disk is full. To alleviate this, you can manually delete studies from the Study list, or turn on Auto deletion temporarily. You may have to change the High and Low Watermark settings.

How it Works#

SmartPACS checks disk usage every 10 minutes. When the disk usages exceeds the Warning level, SmartPACS will notify you. When it exceeds the High Watermark setting, it will notify you and begin deleting studies. When disk usage falls below the Low Watermark, it will notify you and stop deleting studies.

What gets Deleted#

Automatic Study Deletion occurs in two phases. In the first phase, it will target studies that have been deleted by the user, starting from the least recently used. In the second phase, it will delete studies, starting with the least recently used.


A study is considered used each time it is viewed, edited or downloaded.


SmartPACS processing may become slow when Automatic Study Deletion cannot bring disk space down to the Low Watermark. This occurs when Low Watermark is set to an unusually low value such that no more image files exist for Automatic Study Deletion to clear in order to reach the Low Watermark.