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The Viewer is capable of displaying studies across multiple monitors. With this feature, you can choose to view studies in up to 4 separate browser windows. The windows can be independently positioned and resized. Closing any of the open windows will close all the windows. The number of monitors can be set in the Viewer Settings.

When more than one study is selected for viewing, each window will have a different study selected and loaded into the viewport.

Multi-Monitor mode is only supported in the Chrome Browser.

Chrome Extension

Chrome requires an Extension for Multi-Monitor Mode. Multi-Monitor mode requires the AIS Multimonitor Chrome Extension. You can find it here.

Multi-Monitor Chrome Extension

Viewer Controls

Disable Multi Monitor Icon

This tool can be used to temporarily disable Multi-Monitor mode. Pressing this button will close all windows but one.

Enable Multi Monitor Icon

When Multi Monitor Mode is disabled, the tool will change it's icon to this one. Pressing this tool again will re-enable Multi-Monitor Mode and open multiple windows for viewing.

Multi-Monitor Scope Group

The Multi-Monitor Scope Group expands a menu with three options for setting the tool scope across multiple monitors.

Multi Monitor Scope Icon

No Multi-Monitor Scope

Changes are only applied to the current Viewer windows.

Multi-Monitor Study Scope

Changes are only applied to the selected study and possibly across multiple Viewer windows.

Multi-Monitor All Monitor Scope

Changes are applied across all images in all Viewer windows according the their scope settings.


Multi-Monitor Viewer Controls are not present on the Desktop Toolbar by default. You can add them to the Desktop Toolbar in the Viewer Settings. Multi-Monitor Viewer Controls can only be added to the Desktop Toolbar.

Multi Monitor Popup Blocker

If you see this error, your browser is blocking SmartPACS from creating popup windows. SmartPACS needs to be allowed to create popup windows for this feature to work. Consult your browser's documentation on how to accomplish this.