Hanging Protocols

Hanging Protocols

This screen allows you to create or edit Hanging Protocols. Hanging Protocols define the user's display preferences for specific types of imaging procedures.


To create a new Hanging Protocol press the New button. This will show the Define Hanging Protocol screen.

Create Hanging Protocols

There are four tabs available here.

When you are finished creating your Hanging Protocol, press the Save button. Pressing the Cancel button will return you to the Viewer settings and discard your changes.


Here you can Name your Hanging Protocol and define the Criteria for when the Hanging Protocol can be applied.

Enter a name for your Hanging Protocol in the Name field. Next add a criteria for which studies will have this Hanging Protocol automatically applied. Select an attribute of the study and the value that it must be to apply the hanging protocol and press the Add Criteria button. This will add the criteria to the list below.


Multiple criteria use a logical AND between them. Studies must fulfill all of the Criteria in order to apply the Hanging Protocol.

To delete a criteria, select it from the list and press the Delete Criteria button.

Screen Preference#

Screen Preference

Here you can specify Screen Layout and Sorting Criteria for this Hanging Protocol.


You can choose the number or Rows and Columns you would like the study presented in. You can specify different layouts for Desktop or Tablet displays. Selecting the Auto checkbox will automatically select the best layout for the number of images in the study and the size of the display.

Sorting Criteria#

You can add Criteria to the Sorting Criteria List here. Select an attribute and a value from the drop down lists and press the Add Criteria button to add it to the list.

Sorting Criteria List#

With a criteria selected from the list, use the Up and Down arrows on the right hand side to change the priority of the selected criteria. You can also delete the selected criteria by pressing the Delete Criteria button.

Series Preference#

Series Preference

Here you can specify the Series Layout, Display Settings, and Image Orientation for the Hanging Protocol.


You can specify the number of Rows and Columns used to display each series in the study.

Display Settings#

To display the images in the series inverted, check the Inverse checkbox. You can change the Window Level Preset applied to this series by selecting Specify Modality Preset and selecting the Modality preset you wish to be applied.


These options will change the orientation of the images. You can Flip the image Horizontally or Vertically or Rotate the images. Select the options from the Drop Downs.

General Preference#

General Preference

Here you can set the Scope for the viewer when this Hanging Protocol is applied. You can set it to Image, Series, or Screen. You can also automatically turn on Reference Lines and Automatic Linked Scrolling.


To edit an existing Hanging Protocol, select it from the Hanging Protocol List and press the Edit button. This will show the same Define Hanging Protocol screen as when you created the Hanging Protocol. When you are done making your changes, press the Save button to save your changes. Pressing the Cancel button will discard your changes.


The only thing you cannot change when Editing a Hanging Protocol is the Name


To delete an existing Hanging Protocol, select it and press the Delete button. Confirm you want to Delete the Hanging Protocol by pressing OK. Press Cancel to keep the Hanging Protocol.


You can also create a Hanging Protocol by creating a Copy of an existing Hanging Protocol by pressing the Copy button. Enter a new name for the copied Hanging protocol and press the OK button. Press the Cancel button to abort the copy.


A hanging protocol must be marked Selected to be enabled. To do this the user must check the box in the Selected column for the desired hanging protocol. Once that is Selected, the user should press Save to confirm the Selected item(s).