This section is where you can define overlays. You can change the overlay currently displayed by changing it from the Drop Down. Each Overlay has two sizes Large and Small. Overlays can be defined per modality. Modalities without an overlay defined will use the default overlay.

On the left side of the screen is a list of Available Items you can add to the currently selected overlay.

In the Center is the Overlay. There are four quadrants of the Overlay.

Selecting an Item from the Overlay will allow you to adjust some display settings in the box on the right hand side of the screen.

Editing Overlays#

Select the Overlay you wish to modify from the drop down.

Drag and drop the desired item from the list of Available Items to the desired quadrant of the Overlay.

To remove items from the overlay, drag the item from the Overlay back to the list of Available Items.

To edit an Overlay Item's Display Options, select it in the Overlay. It will become bold to indicate that it is selected. The Label will be added to the front of the Overlay's value. The Post Text will be added to the end of the value. The Max Length will limit the length of the overlay. When a Max Length is defined, the Overlay Item will be truncated to the specified length. This includes the Label and Post Text. For numeric overlays you can specify the precision by entering the number of Decimal Digits you would like.

Creating New Overlays#

You can create new Overlay definitions by pressing the New button.

New Overlay

Enter the Modality it the Modality Field. You can start with a copy of a current overlay by selecting one in the Based On drop down. Selecting nothing will create a blank overlay. Press the OK button to save the new overlay and select it for editing. Pressing the Cancel will abort the new overlay creation.

Deleting Overlays#

To delete an overlay, first select it from the dropdown. Then press the Delete button.


While you are editing an overlay, you may find that you want to reset it back to the initial settings. Pressing the Reset button will do this.


This even works if you have already pressed the Save button. However if you exit the Viewer settings page, your edit's will become the new default.


You can preview what your overlays will look like by pressing and holding the preview button.

List of Available Overlays#

  • Accession Number Tag (0008,0050)
  • Acquisition Context Description Tag (0040,0556)
  • Acquisition Date Tag (0008,0022)
  • Acquisition Date (Prior/Current)
  • Acquisition Number Tag (0020,0012)
  • Acquisition Time Tag (0008,0032)
  • Body Part Examined Tag (0018,0015)
  • Breed Tag (0010,2292)
  • Computed Laterality
  • Contrast Agent Tag (0018,0010)
  • DICOM Lossy
  • Echo Time Tag (0018,0081)
  • Gantry/Detector Tilt Tag (0018,1120)
  • Image Comments Tag (0020,4000)
  • Image Laterality Tag (0020,0062)
  • Image Number
  • Image Number / Total Images
  • Image Size (rows/columns)
  • Instance Number Tag (0020,0013)
  • Institution Address Tag (0008,0081)
  • Institution Name Tag (0008,0080)
  • KVP Tag (0018,0060)
  • Key Image
  • Laterality Tag (0020,0060)
  • Magnetic Field Strength Tag (0018,0087)
  • Manufacturer Tag (0008,0070)
  • Manufacturer's Model Name Tag (0008,1090)
  • Multiple Patient Status
  • Other Patient IDs Tag (0010,1000)
  • Patient Date of Birth Tag (0010,0030)
  • Patient ID (if multiple)
  • Patient Id Tag (0010,0020)
  • Patient Name Tag (0010,0010)
  • Patient Name (if multiple)
  • Patient Sex Tag (0010,0040)
  • Patient Sex Neutered Tag (0010,2203)
  • Patient Weight Tag (0010,1030)
  • Performing Physician Tag (0008,1050)
  • RGB Channels
  • Referring Physician Tag (0008,0090)
  • Repetition Time Tag (0018 0080)
  • Responsible Person Tag (0010,2297)
  • Responsible Person (if multiple)
  • Series Date Tag (0008,0021)
  • Series Description Tag (0008,103E)
  • Series Number Tag (0020,0011)
  • Series Time Tag (0008,0031)
  • Slice Location Tag (0020,1041)
  • Slice Spacing Tag (0018,0088)
  • Slice Thickness Tag (0018,0050)
  • Species Tag (0010,2201)
  • Station Name Tag (0008,1010)
  • Study Completeness
  • Study Date Tag (0008,0020)
  • Study Date (Prior/Current)
  • Study Description Tag (0008,1030)
  • Study Id Tag (0020,0010)
  • Study Time Tag (0008,0030)
  • Total Number of Images
  • View Position Tag (0018,5101)
  • Window Level
  • Window Width
  • Window Width & Level
  • X-Ray Tube Current Tag (0018,1151)
  • Zoom Factor