You can customize how the toolbar is displayed for Desktop, Tablet and Phone usage. Each of these have their own tab, but are configured in the same manner.

Edit Toolbars

Each modality can have a different set of tools available in the toolbar. Select the Modality from the Dropdown list. If a Modality has the Use Default option selected, it will use the Default Toolbar. Un-check this option if you would like to define a custom toolbar for the selected modality.


Each tool is listed here. Tools that are Visible are listed at the top in order that they appear on the toolbar from left to right. To add a tool the the Toolbar, check the Visible checkbox. This will move it to the bottom of the Visible items. Use the Up and Down arrows on the right to move the selected tool Up or Down in the list.

There are Five tools that can be selected to be the default tool when opening the viewer. Pan, Window Level, Window Level Group, Zoom, and Zoom Group. (Pan and Zoom are only available as defaults for Desktop Toolbars). Selecting the Radio Button for one of these tools will make it the default tool.