Saving Annotations and Display Settings

Normally, Annotations and changes to Window/Level, Zoom, Pan, or Inverting the image are will not be saved when you leave the viewer. However, SmartPACS allows you to Save Annotations and Display State for future viewing. You can save multiple Annotations and Display Settings for each image. Your changes will not affect the original image and will be saved as Grayscale Softcopy Presentation State (GSPS) DICOM objects. GSPS DICOM objects are stored at the Study level and will be exported when using Network Export.


Save Annotations

To save Annotations and Display Settings, press the Save Annotations Button. This will display the Annotation Save Dialog.

Annotation Save Dialog

Enter in a name for the Saved State then press the OK button to Save the state. Pressing the Cancel button will dismiss the dialog and not save the state.

When the Annotation has been saved successfully, you will see a popup.

Annotation Saved

If the only annotation on the image is a Vertebral Heart Score, saving the Annotation will automatically save with the name Vertebral Heart Score. You will not have to enter in the Name.

Once you have saved your annotations, the thumbnail will display an A badge.

Annotation Badge


Load Annotations Icon

To view a list of previously saved Annotations and Display Settings, press the Load Annotations button. This will open the Annotation Load Panel. The Annotation Load Panel takes the place of the Thumbnail panel.

Annotation Panel

Each annotation for the currently selected image are displayed here. Each Annotation is labeled with the Date and Time it was created, the user name of the user that saved it and the Title it was saved as.


To display a saved set of Annotations, check the Annotations Checkbox. The Annotations will be loaded into the viewport. You can display more than one set of Annotations at the save time.

Display Settings#

To load the saved Display Settings, press the Display Settings Radio Button. This will set the Display Settings to what they were when the Annotation was saved. Only One Display Settings can be selected at any given time. To view the image in it's original state, deselect the Display Setting.

Deleting a Saved Annotation#

To delete a Saved Annotation, press the X button. You will see a Confirmation Dialog.

Delete Annotation Confirmation

Press the OK button to delete the Annotation. Pressing the Cancel button will abort the deletion.


Deleting annotations is permanent and cannot be undone.

Closing the Annotation Load Panel#

Close Annotation Panel Icon

When you have the Annotation Load Panel visible, the Load Annotations Icon changes to the Close Annotation Panel Icon. Press this icon to close the Annotation Panel.


There are customizations available for annotations. See more in the Viewer Settings.