Cine Mode

Cine Controls

The Cine tools allow you to play a video of all images within a stack.


The tools are displayed on the top right corner of each Viewport screen tile.


The Cine Controls are only displayed if the Stack Layout is 1x1.


Cine Play

Pressing the Play button will start the playback. The Play button will change into the Pause button.


Cine Pause

Pressing the Pause button will halt the playback. The Pause button will change back to the Play Button.


You can adjust the speed of the playback with the Cine Speed Controls. You can set the default Cine Speed in the Viewer Settings.


Decrease Cine Speed

The Decrease Cine Speed Button will slow down the playback.


Increase Cine Speed

The Increase Cine Speed Button will make the playback faster.

Cine mode currently supports stacks with multi-frame images or same image sizes (i.e. MR and CT scans, etc.).

Playback Quality#

While Cine Mode can be activated on stacks that display lossy or lossless images, video behavior will change depending on image quality. Playing Cine on stacks with lossless images results in play behavior that moves forwards through the stack and then backwards. In contrast, playing Cine on stacks with lossy images results in faster play behavior that only moves forward through the stacks with the Lossy label appearing on the lower left corner of the image. This is due to the quick retrieval of preview images versus full resolution images.

Cine Scroll#

Cine Scroll

The Cine Scroll tool allows you to view single images in a scrolling fashion. By selecting the Scroll tool and pressing on the image while moving up or down, images are quickly displayed in single succession. This allows you to quickly browse through every image in the series without manually scrolling with the scrollbar or arrow keys. When this tool is enabled on Tablet or Phone Toolbars, it allows you to scroll through an entire stack by a single touch gesture much like playing Cine would do.