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Linked Scrolling

Linked Scrolling

The SmartPACS Viewer allows you to synchronize the scrolling of related stacks. As you scroll through a stack, any stack that is linked will also scroll. Each stack that can be linked will have a button in the viewer that allows you to link or unlink the stack.

Linked ScrollingLinked Scrolling


There are three Scroll linking tools available for the toolbar. There are used for linking stacks of images so they can be scrolled at the same time. Auto Linked Scrolling default settings are configured in the Hanging Protocol.

Linked Scrolling Group

No Linked Scroll

This tool will unlink scrolling of all images.

Auto Linked Scroll

This tool will link all images when selected without requiring you to manually select each image.

Manually Linked Scroll

This tool will allow you to manually link the images to be scrolled together just link the Auto Linked Scroll, but with Manual Link. It will start at the location where the image is currently placed at the time the tool is activated.