3D MPR allows you to reconstruct your CT and MR images in 3D. To do so, select the 3D MPR tool from the toolbar.

3D MPR Icon

This will open the 3D MPR Viewer.

3D MPR3D Leave

To leave the 3D MPR view and return to the normal viewer, press this button.


3D Layout Group

There are three different layouts to choose from.

  • 3 X 1, three MPR views on the left and the 3D reconstruction on the right.
  • 2 X 2, three MPR views and the 3D reconstruction in a 2 x 2 grid.
  • 1 X 1, just the 3D Reconstruction.


MPR Interactor#

MPR Interactor

This tool allows you to move the cross hairs inside the MRP views. In the 3D view, it will allow you to rotate the reconstruction.

  • Clicking on an MPR image will reposition the crosshairs.
  • Clicking and Dragging a reference line will move the reference line.
  • Holding the Shift key while clicking on the reference line will allow you to tilt the reference lines to generate oblique MPR.
  • Scrolling the mouse wheel will scroll though the stack.
  • Holding the CTRL key while clicking on the 3D view will center the MPR reference lines on the point selected.

Show 3D Box#

3D Box Icon

This tools allow you to hide and show the boundaries of the 3D render. The Box will appear in green on both the MPR and 3D views.

On the MPR views, you can change the size of the box by pressing and holding the CTRL key while using the Left Mouse button to drag the edges.

3D Box Manipulation

MPR Thickness#

MPR Thickness

This tool opens a dialog where you can set the 3D MPR Thickness.

MPR Thickness Dialog

3D Opacity Window Level#

3D Opacity Window Level

This tool will allow you to adjust the opacity of the 3D Reconstruction.

3D Classification#

3D Classification Icon

This tool will open the 3D Classification dialog where you will be able to adjust the classification of the image data. This is only available for MIP reconstructions.

3D Classification Dialog

You can select from a list of presets from the dropdown. You can also manually adjust the position of the points on the histogram by dragging them into place.

3D Classification Color Selection

You can change the color of each point. Your adjustments will be immediately reflected in the viewer.

You can save your modifications as a preset. Pressing the save button will display a dialog box. Enter a name for the preset and press the OK button. Another dialog will be displayed, letting you know the save was successful.

To delete a Preset, select it from the dropdown and press the Delete button. Another dialog will be displayed, letting you know the deletion was successful.

3D Mode#

3D Mode

This tools allows you to change the display mode of the 3D Reconstruction. The text in the icon indicates the current mode. By default, the reconstruction is in Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) mode.

3D Mode MIP

The viewer also supports Volume Rendering (VR) mode.

3D Mode VR