The MPR Tool allow you to view the reconstructed series in three planes. Cross-referencing lines in blue and cyan will assist you in navigating to the area of interest.

MPR Tool#

2D MPR Icon

This tool will turn MPR on and off.

MPR Interactor#

MPR Interactor

When this tool is active, you will be able to reposition the crosshairs in the three planes.


  • Clicking on an image will reposition the crosshairs.
  • Clicking and Dragging a reference line will move the reference line.
  • Holding the Shift key while clicking on the reference line will allow you to tilt the reference lines to generate oblique MPR.
  • Scrolling the mouse wheel will scroll though the stack.


  • Touch to position reference lines.
  • Touch and move to drag lines.
  • Use a two finger touch to tilt the reference lines.

Other tools on the toolbar may not be available while MRP is turned on. To utilize these tools, MPR will need to be disabled and viewing will return to the standard Viewport. In the case where there is a large stack of images being loaded into memory on a tablet, the user may be prompted to select a subset of images from the entire stack. This is dependant upon memory constraints on tablets and so only a subset of the images can be viewed at a time. Tablet need a minimum of 2GB of RAM.