Other Tools



The export tool allows you to download the study in either DICOM or JPEG format. Pressing this tool will open the Export Study Dialog.

Export Study Dialog

For DICOM format you can export the study in uncompressed DICOM format by checking the Uncompressed checkbox. You can export the study as a DICOMDIR by checking the DICOMDIR format checkbox.

For JPEG format you can burn in overlays by checking the checkbox.

Press the Package Study for Export button to begin packaging the study. You will see a progress bar showing the current progress.

Export Study Dialog Processing

When Packaging is complete, press the Download button to download the study.


The exported study is saved in the default download location for the browser.

Export Study Dialog Download

When you are finished, press the Close button to close the dialog.

DICOM Tag Viewer#

DICOM Tag Icon

The DICOM Tag Viewer tool will open the DICOM Tag Viewer for the currently selected image.

DICOM Tag Viewer

To close the DICOM Tag Viewer. press the X in the top right corner.

DICOM Tag Editor#

DICOM Tag Editor Icon

The DICOM Tag Editor is a tool that is only available to the admin user. Pressing this tool will open the Tag Edit Dialog.

Tag Editor Dialog

Here you can edit select DICOM Tags. Press the OK button to save your changes. Pressing the Cancel button will close the dialog and not save your changes.

Screen Capture#

Screen Capture

The Screen Capture tool allows you to save a PNG image of the selected image in its current state.


By default, screen captures do not include overlays. To include overlays, enable the Screen Capture with Overlays option in the Viewer Settings.


The screen capture will be saved in the default download location for the browser.

Move Image#

In the Study List, you can Cut and Paste entire studies. In order to Cut and Paste individual images, you will need to use the Move Image Tools in the Viewer. Pressing on the Move Image to Clipboard button will move the currently selected image to the clipboard. After all the desired images are on the clipboard, you will need to return to the Study List to complete the move. You can read about this process here.


This tool is only available to the admin user

Move Image To Clipboard

With the image in the clipboard, you can now paste it into a selected study, patient, or new study on the Study List.

Clipboard Icon

When there are items on the Clipboard, the Clipboard Tool will be active. To view items in your Clipboard, press the Clipboard tool. This will open the clipboard.


The Clipboard shows a thumbnail for each image on the Clipboard. You can clear the Clipboard by pressing the Clear button. To close the Clipboard, press the OK button.

Pixel Intensity#

Pixel Intensity Icon

The Pixel Intensity tool is an interactive tool that will display the pixel value at the point where the tool is used on the image (Hounsfield Units). To use the tool, select it, and press and hold on the image where you want to see the pixel intensity.

Hanging Protocols#

Hanging Protocol Icon

To apply a hanging protocol, click this icon and select the Hanging Protocol you would like to apply.


The icon will be disabled if there are no hanging protocols that match the current study. You can define Hanging Protocols in the Viewer Settings.