SmartPACS has many tools that can be used to manipulate the image, add annotations and measurement, and adjust the viewport to your liking.

You can download a Quick Reference Guide here.


Hovering a mouse over an icon will show a tooltip with the name of the tool.


Tools are visible depending on the configuration of the toolbar. The tool bar can also be configured to have a different layout or tools depending on the modality being viewed and the device being used. This can be found in the Viewer Setting. Some tools have not been added the toolbar by default.

Tool Groups#

Tool Groups are buttons on the Toolbar that open menus where you can access related tools. Tool Groups have a small arrow next to them in the Toolbar. Pressing the Tool Group button will expand the menu to show the tools available. The Icon for the tool group will be the Icon for the last tool selected from the group.


When customizing the Toolbar, Tools inside a group can also be added individually to the Toolbar.

Tool Scope#

Image Scope Tool

Tools can act on one or more images displayed in the Viewport. Which Images are affected by a tools is dependant on the current Tool Scope. You can find the Tool Scope options under the Tool Scope Group.

Image Scope Options
  • Image Scope: Tools are applied to the selected image only.
  • Series Scope: Tools are applied to all images in the selected stack only.
  • Screen Scope: Tools are applied to all the stacks on the screen.

Screen Scope will allow the user to pan, zoom, and w/l all images displayed on the screen at the same time.

Tool Types#

Tools in SmartPACS fall into two categories, instant and interactive.Ā  Instant tools have an immediate effect on the image.Ā  Interactive tools change what happens when you click the Left Mouse Button. On touch capable devices, it will also change what happens when you touch the image with one finger.

Selected Tool

The currently selected interactive tool for the left mouse button or single finger touch input is highlighted in the toolbar by a light blue boarder.

Mouse Tools#

The Left, Middle, And Right Mouse buttons are each used for an interactive Tool. By default, the Left Mouse is to to the Pan Tool. The Middle Mouse Button is set to the Window Level Tool. The Right Mouse Button is set to the Zoom tool. These can be changed in the Viewer Settings.

Touch Tools#

When using a Touch Capable device, you can use a single finger on the image to Pan the image. To Zoom the image, you can use a Spreading or Pinching gesture with two fingers to Zoom in or out respectively. To rotate the image. Place two fingers on the image and rotate them in the direction you would like to rotate the image. This will rotate the image in 90Ā° increments. This can be configured in the Viewer Settings.