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Viewing Images

To view an image in the viewer, select the desired image from the Thumbnail Panel. This will start loading the image in the currently selected Viewer Tile.


You can also drag the thumbnail to a specific Viewer Tile.

Download Speed

Download Speed

When an image is loaded for the first time, it must be downloaded from the server. This tool displays the effective download speed from the Archive Serve in the toolbar. This allows you to judge the quality of your internet connection.

Preview Images

Preview Image

While the viewer is downloading an image, a preview of the image will be shown. Preview images are a lower quality "Lossy" image. They are labeled as LOSSY in the bottom left hand corner of the Viewer Tile. When the full resolution image is loaded, it will be loaded into the viewer and the LOSSY label will disappear.


To improve performance, you can disable the preview image in the Viewer Settings under the Download Tab. This is the ideal setting for CT and US images.


Some images may be stored in the Archive in a Lossy format. When viewing these images, the viewer will display DICOM Image Lossy in the bottom right corner of the image.


Lossy images are meant to be a preview and may hide relevant anatomical details. Be sure to wait for the LOSSY indicator to disappear before reviewing the images.

Stack Navigation

Previous StackNext Stack

To quickly navigate through the Stacks in the thumbnail panel, use the Stack Navigation tools. Pressing the Next Stack Button will select the next Stack in the list. When you reach the end of the list, the Next Stack Button will be disabled. Pressing the Previous Stack Button will select the previous Stack in the list. When you reach the beginning of the list, the Previous Stack Button will be disabled.

Fill Tool

Fill Tool

The Fill Tool can be used to quickly load images into the viewport tiles. Start by selecting your desired screen layout. Then select the Fill Tool. The stacks will be be loaded into all the Viewport Tiles. The tool will load stacks in the order they are displayed in the Thumbnail Panel.


If you have more stacks than Viewport Tiles, you can press the Fill Tool again to fill them with the next set of stacks. Using this method, you can review all the images in the study with a fixed layout simply by pressing on the Fill Tool.

Next Annotated Image

Next Annotated Iamge

You can also quickly switch to the next annotated image in a stack with the Next Annotated Image tool. This tool will select the next annotated image within a stack and display it in the viewport.