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Getting Started

In the upper left you can enter patient data. A routine treatment starts with the Add Patient button, but in an emergency, simply touch the Emergency Patient Button to begin a treatment, skipping patient entry.

Add a Patient

To begin let's add a new patient by touching the Add Patient button, located in the upper left corner of the screen.

Simply fill out the required fields which are outlined in red. Once the required fields are filled in, the Next button will become active. Press the Next button to continue.

Select a Treatment Protocol

Select the Anatomical Region to be treated, the Sub-Structure/Condition of the problem, its Chronicity, the patients Skin/Hair Color and the size of the Target Area.

Preforming a Treatment

To begin the treatment Press the Begin Treatment button

The button will change to a yellow laser icon and warn you to put on you safety glasses.

Pressing the button again will start a countdown. After the countdown has completed the laser will be armed.

You can now preform the treatment on the patient. Press the button on the hand piece to energize the laser.

During the first phase the system will beep once per second while the laser is energized.
During the second phase, the system will beep twice per second while the laser is energized.

The Timer will count down.

When the timer reaches zero, you will hear 4 rapid beeps. You will need to release the button on the hand piece to move to the next phase.

Repeat this until all the phases are complete.

Treatment Notes

Once all phases are complete, a dialog will open allowing you to enter treatment related notes.

Here you can optionally add notes to the treatment that was just completed. Pressing the Exit button will save the notes to the treatment and return you to the Main Patient Screen. Pressing the Repeat Treatment button will save the notes the the treatment and leave you in the Treatment screen with the same Treatment Protocol selected, ready to preform another treatment.