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Smart RLT Sport

Serious tendon and ligament injuries to equine athletes present what used to be a chasm in the treatment arsenal for even the best equine veterinarians. SOUND® has developed the SmartRLT SPORT to bridge this gap, providing Regenerative Laser Therapy in a rugged, easy-to-use system that can be easily transported from clinic to truck to barn by veterinarians and technicians alike.

Proven Efficacy

At this point there is virtually no debate as to the clinical efficacy of Regenerative Laser Therapy.

  • Mountains of Case Studies
  • Peer-reviewed scientific journal articles
  • Double-blinded, equine-specific study on regenerative laser treated digital flexor tendons, all verified with ultrasound and/or MRI imaging of the lesions.

After 500,000+ treatments, 40,000+ horses, and 500+ Winners, the RLT Technology has lived up to that promise again and again.

Regenerative Laser Fits Your Practice

Whether the patients suffer from acute trauma, chronic degenerative lesions, or you are getting them primed for performance at a show/race, there is a treatment regimen and implementation strategy that fits both logistically and financially into your schedule.