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Patient Report

Pressing the View Report button on a patient will open the Patient Treatment Reports Screen.

There are two reports you can view for the patient.

Treatment History

This report shows all the Treatments preformed on the selected patient, groped by Date Preformed and Operator.

Each treatment shows the Protocol preformed, the Dose the patient received, and any post treatment Notes.

Additionally, Scheduled Treatments for the patient are also listed.

Treatment By Limb

This report groups all treatments by limb.

Each treatment shows the date the treatment was preformed, the Protocol preformed, and the Dose the patient received.


You can save a copy of the selected report as a PDF.

Pressing the Save button will save the report to the folder in the Save Location text box.

To change the Save Location, press the browse button and select the folder or drive you would like to save the file to.


The file will be named <PatientFirstName><NameOwnerLastName>_TreatmentReport_MM-DD-YY-HH-mm-ss.pdf where <PatientFirstName> is the Patients first name, <OwnerLastName> is the owners last name. MM-DD-YY-HH-mm-ss is the date and time when the report was saved.

You can close the Patient Report Dialog by pressing the X in the upper right hand corner.

Back Button

To return to the Main Patient Screen, press the Back button.