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This is the Scheduler screen. Here you can create scheduled treatments for a patient. The current patient is shown in the top left of the screen.

Entering the screen

You can enter this screen in two ways.

From the Main Patient List, select a patient and press the Schedule Treatment button.

You can also schedule a repeat of a completed treatment with Schedule Repeat Treatment button. When using this method, the treatment parameters will be selected for you.


This calendar shows four weeks at a time. You can use the Back and Forward arrows to change the dates displayed. Scheduled and Preformed Treatments are listed for each day. The list can be scrolled. Scheduled and Preformed Treatments for other patients are anonymized and disabled in this screen.


The selected day is highlighted and will be used at the starting point when creating a schedule of treatments.

Preformed Treatments

Preformed treatments are gray. You can press the report icon to view the patient report.

Scheduled Treatments

Scheduled treatments are blue. Pressing on the Scheduled Treatment will open a popup with more information on what kind of treatment is scheduled.

You can select to start the treatment or delete the scheduled treatment.

Starting the treatment will take you to the Treatment Screen with the treatment Protocol of the Scheduled Treatment selected.

Treatment Protocol Selection

On the left of the screen you can select the Treatment Protocol you would like to schedule. These are the same selection you would make in the treatment screen.

Select the Anatomical Region, Sub-Structure/Condition, Chronicity, Skin/Hair Color, and Treatment Area. Optionally select Limb or Aspect.

See Select a Treatment Protocol for more information on Protocol Selection.

Create Schedule

Once you have selected a treatment protocol, you can select the schedule for treatment.

You can select which days you want to schedule treatments. By selecting Every Other Day, it will schedule treatments Every Other Day.

Select a day on the calendar to start the treatment.

Select the number of treatments to schedule from the drop down.

Press the Add Button to schedule the treatments.

Back Button

When you are finished, press the back button to return to the Main Patient Screen.

This screen has the following menu options:

See the Menu section from more information.