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Select a Treatment Protocol

To select a treatment protocol, make sure the Treatment Protocol button is selected.

Select the Anatomical Region

You can scroll this list to see additional Regions.

Select the Sub-Structure/Condition

You can scroll this list to see additional Sub-Structures/Conditions. At this point you will notice the anatomy image shown below.

Select the Chronicity.

Select the Target Area.

The Target Area will be highlighted on the image below.

Select the Skin/Hair Color

Once you have selected all 5 required selections, you will see the Phases of the treatment on the right.


There are also two optional selections you can use as well.


You can select multiple aspects. Select all that apply. Selecting both Medial and Lateral will double the number of phases in the treatment. For an example, in a chronic treatment with two phases, if both Medial and Lateral are selected, there will be four phases.

When preforming the treatment, the First Medial phase is first, the First Lateral Phase is second. For 4 phase treatments, the Second Medial Phase is third, the Second Lateral Phase is fourth.


Selecting the Limb being treated will not alter the treatment protocol but rather is included as a reference note for reporting, review, or future use. You can only select one limb at a time for treatment. If you wish to repeat the treatment on another limb, that will need to be done in a second treatment.