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How do I add SmartPACS viewer to a computer?

Adding the Sound SmartPACS viewer to any computer is simple. All you need is an HTML 5 compatible web browser.

Follow the steps here to access SmartPACS.

My SmartPACS will not load or accept transfers from modalities?

Ensure the SmartPACS is powered on by logging into the SmartPACS Study List. If the study does not appear on the Study List or the images will not display in the SmartPACS Viewer, please contact technical support 1-800-819-5538.

How do I export images to a thumb-drive, CD, etc?

Click here for how to export images from SmartPACS.

How do I send DICOM images to another DICOM/Telemedicine server?

Click here for how to send DICOM Images.

How do I save images as JPEG?

Click here for how to export images from SmartPACS as JPEG.

What is the Calibration Tool all about?

You can read all about the calibration tool here.

How do I use the Vertebral Heart Score Tool?

Click here for information on the Vertebral Heart Score tool.

How do I add another DICOM node to SmartPACS?

Click here for how to manage DICOM nodes.

How do I create an OFA Study from SmartPACS?

The DICOM Tags displayed on the Overlays can be customized in the Viewer Settings.

Annotations can be added for information not included in the DICOM Tags.

The Screen Capture tool in the viewer to burn in overlays when the Screen Capture with Overlays setting is enabled.

I have questions about SmartPACS OrthoPlan® and its features?

You can read all about SmartPACS OrthoPlan® and its features here.