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Worklist Screen


This is the Worklist screen. Hear you can search the Worklist for pending or paused exams. There are five sections. The Menu Bar, Search, Tools, Main List, and Thumbnails.

Worklist Search

To search the worklist, enter your search criteria and press the Search button. You can filter your search by variety of parameters. Patient ID, Accession Number, Body Part, Date, Patient Name, Status, and Modality. In addition, you can filter the results by date range. You can manually enter the date range, however, quick pick date ranges are provided for Today, Yesterday, Last Week, 3 Months, 6 Months, and All.

Main List

The Main List displays the list of pending and paused studies. Each page of the list can contain up to 30 items. To change pages, use the paging controls at the bottom of the list.


You can sort the list by clicking on the column you want to sort by.


Worklist Tools

At the top of the Main List are the tools. You can create a new patient, delete and item from the list, start Emergency Acquisition, and start a study.

New Patient

New Patient Button

The New Patient button will open the New Patient Form.


Delete Study Button

The Delete button will delete the study that is currently selected in the Main List.

Emergency Image Acquisition

Emergency Image Acquisition Button

The Emergency button will create an emergency study and begin acquisition immediately.


The study information will be automatically generated. It is suggested that you edit the study information before completing the study or sending to PACS.

Start Study

Start Study Button

The Start Study button will start acquisition of the study that is currently selected in the Main List.

Thumbnail List

The Thumbnail list displays thumbnails from the currently selected study in the Main List.


At the top of the screen, you can switch between the Worklist and Studylist screens.

Current User and Connections

In addition, The current user and Database and File Server connection status are listed.

Window Controls

You can log out of the software by clicking the key button. Pressing the settings button will open the settings screen. Pressing the minimize button will minimize the application. Pressing the power button will close the application.