Norberg-Winkel / Hip Displasia Measurement

Norberg-Winkel Icon

The Norberg-Winkel Tool will start a walk-though that will guide you in drawing the correct annotations for a Norberg-Winkel / Hip Dysplasia Measurement.

Start by clicking on the center of the Left Femoral Head. Then Click on the center of the Right Femoral Head. After this is done, the rest of the measurement will be drawn for you.

Norberg-Winkel Measurement
  1. Two lines are drawn upwards from the center of the femoral heads at an angle of 105° on each side of the pelvis. The long blue line is able to be moved with the red grab point at the end. The angle of the blue line is dynamically updated as the line is moved to a new location.
  2. The short yellow line is fixed at 105° and is used as a reference point.
  3. The red grab point on the circle allows you to modify the diameter of the circle on the femoral head.
  4. The red grab point in the center of the circle indicates the center of the femoral head. This grab point moves the location of the entire circle and as a result, the location of the lines radiating from the center.

Make sure to complete the entire walk-through steps prior to attempting to adjust any grab points.


This measurement is an Advanced Custom Measurement. The interactive walk-through and instructions are displayed as as Overlays on the image or in an Instruction Panel. This can be configured in the Viewer Settings.