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Treatment Screen

This screen is where you can configure and perform the patient's treatment.

The screen is broken up into two sections. The Treatment Selection and Information panel on the left and the Control Panel on the Right.

Treatment Selection and Information

Above the Control Panel you will see three controls. These will change the current page of the Treatment Selection and Information panel.


The dark blue control indicates the current view.

Some controls may be grayed out until a Treatment Protocol has been selected.

Treatment Plan

This is where you will select your Treatment Protocol.


When you enter the Treatment Screen by creating a New Treatment, you will see this by default.


Select this button to see important information regarding the selected Treatment Protocol. You must have a Treatment Protocol selected to see this.


When you enter the Treatment Screen for a Repeated or Scheduled Treatment, the Treatment Protocol will already be selected for you and you will see this screen by default.


Select this button to see a video regarding the selected Treatment Protocol.


We are currently working on videos for Smart RLT.

Control Panel

The control panel shows information on the Patient being treated, the Phases of Treatment, Output Parameters, and the controls to start the treatment.

Edit Patient

You can edit patient information with the Edit button. This will open the Edit Patient Form. This is similar to the Create patient form. You can edit Patient information such as Names, Breed, Sex, etc. To save your changes, click the Save button. To cancel and discard your changes, click the X button in the top right of the From.

Phases of Treatment

Once a Treatment Protocol is selected, you will see a list of the Phases here. You can select which phase you want to start at.

Each Phase has its own tile. Each tile lists the phase number, the total time of the phase, Contact / Non-Contact, The Aspect selected, and the total joules for the phase.

The Total summary lists the total time for the selected Phase and any subsequent phases.

Output Parameters

This shows the settings for the currently selected phase.

To adjust these, see the Manual Mode section.


Phase Clock

The Phase clock shows the time remaining in the current phase. When the treatment is running, it will count down.

Total Clock

The Total Clock shows the total time remaining in the current phase and any remaining phases. When the treatment is running, it will count down.

Laser Button

The Laser Button is used to arm / disarm the laser. The current status of the Laser is displayed on this button.


Underneath the Laser button there are several indicators. During operation of the laser you will see the HS indicator when the thumb switch on the hand piece is pressed.

The software also has several alarms for error conditions with the laser.

  • FD - Fiber Disconnected
  • Interlock - Interlock is open
  • HR - High Reflectivity Alarm
  • Temp - Laser is over temp
  • Comm - Communications failure between laser and software.
  • LM - Laser Malfunction

When an error occurs, the system will safe the laser by canceling any in progress treatments and display the corresponding indicator.

Back Button

The back button will take you back to the Main Patient Screen.


The back button will only be enabled while the Laser is not running.

This screen has the following menu options:

See the Menu section from more information.